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As a nail technician you know that you can work miracles with beautiful nail styling, but your clients will only be truly happy when you can make the natural beauty of their hands and nails shine. Having youthful and soft hands or strong and healthy nails doesn’t just depend on luck, overall health or age. It’s up to you to care for them regularly with effective professional products. This is the only way to achieve real results to repair or improve the natural beauty of your skin and nails.


By using the ProNails Anti-Age Hand & Nail Care range you’ll raise your hand and nail care to skin care level. The range protects your skin and nails effectively from damaging influences and gives them the building and nourishing essentials. This way you'll hold back the aging process and you'll restore the nails from the inside out. You'll notice the results immediately after a revitalizing Anti-Age Salon Manicure. With an effective daily treatment you'll see longterm results.


Next to an extensive Anti-Age Hand Care range, ProNails adds a matching nail care range making natural nails stronger, healthier and more beautiful. A beautiful, strong and healthy natural nail is the essence of a perfect manicure. Especially if you have brittle and weak nails it’s important to care for them a little more. Regular caring and the right nourishing products will help you cure your nails and it will also make them stronger and allow them to grow faster. It’s extremely important to pay extra attention to the cuticles and the area around the nail. Underneath lies the matrix where the nail is formed. This is the area you should focus on to improve your nails' health.


Healthy and strong nails for everyone!


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This serum is your #1 nail care product for natural nails, or nails on a break, and can be combined with the use of Nail Polish and LongWear Polish. It ‘s a complete nourishing treatment and can repair nails in 3 to 4 weeks. Your clients will already see visible results in just 1 week! Nails are deeply nourished and repaired to become visibly stronger and healthier. No more brittle, fragile or ugly nails! Two applications per day will give wonderful results! Morning and evening, just like brushing your teeth.


NOURISHING : Panthenol is a wonderful moisturizing ingredient. It penetrates well into the nail plate and is extremely hydrating on dry & brittle nails. Allantoin helps to lock in moist. The formula contains natural polysaccharides wich nourish the nails and give them the natural healthy glow they deserve. 


EXTREME GROWTH : The formula contains Biotin, vitamin B12 and minerals which stimulate the production of nail cells and help your nails grow faster.


STRENGTHENING : Contains KERATINE which is one of the building blocks of natural nails and will strengthen the nails. It also contains Blue Agave (the plant used to make tequila), which gives strength, resilience and elasticity to the nails.




Apply the serum to the nails and and use the brush to really push it into the nail plate, from the free edge towards the cuticles. Let the serum sit and dry for a while. It is possible to use the serum underneath a polish or as a separate treatment. It will leave the nails slightly shiny.




This ultra effective cuticle remover allows you to push back dried, rough and overgrown cuticles easily, fast and efficiently. With this improved formula it’ll be even easier and faster than before. The cuticles will be beautifully pure, which will improve the following manicure. This gel hydrates and nourishes both cuticles and nails.



SOFTENING : Softens the cuticles fast and effeciently



MOISTURIZING: Hydrates and nourishes both nails and cuticles



CLEANSING : Purifies the cuticles.





Apply to the cuticles and wait for 30 seconds. Gently push back the cuticles and remove excess skin. Wash hands after each use.




A healthy nail matrix literally is the basis of healthy and strong nails so it’s essential to treat the cuticles and keep them hydrated. The Vitamina cuticle oil is the ideal, rich treatment to cure and nourish cuticles. This unique mix of natural oils is charged with rejuvenating antioxidants. It consists of the most nourishing and skin calming ingredients to be found in nature.


REPAIRING : Vitamina contains wheat germ oil to repair dry and damaged skin around the nails.



MOISTURIZING: The mix of natural oils will keep the skin around the nails nourished and intensely hydrated for a long time.



SOOTHING :  The oil contains several skin calming ingredients: almond oil to fight off irritation and inflammation and macadamia oil to protect and relax the skin. Bay oil is antibacterial and antifungal.





Apply a drop of Vitamina to each cuticle and massage gently. TIP: Clean the nails with Pro Septic if you want to apply Nail Polish or LongWear afterwards



cuticle care pen

An extremely efficient cuticle softener with pomegranate, which helps remove dead skin cells and which is filled with antioxidants to stimulate skin renewal. This pen is simple and fast to work with, so you don’t lose time. It’s ideal to treat dry skin and will improve the elasticity of the cuticle area.



SOFTENING : Easy to use and effecient cuticle softener.



REPAIRING: Contains antioxidants stimulating skin renewal.



MOISTURIZING : Hydrating the cuticle area without oily texture.





Use the pen on cuticles and the area around the nails. Replace the tip if necessary with the replacement tips inside the pen.



polish corrector pen

Small nail polish application mistakes are easily corrected using this pen, so your nails will look perfectly polished. On top of that this product will nourish the skin which is unique! This pen contains a collagen- like substance, high in antioxidants and containing a natural anti-inflammation component. This handy corrector pen can be used to correct mistakes with Sopolish, Gellak and PNC colours too.


PRECISE REMOVAL : Corrects application mistakes carefully and precisely whether you’re working with nail polish, Sopolish or gel.



MOISTURIZING: Protects and nourishes the skin.



NON ACETONE : An extremely soft formula without acetone.





Use the pen on application mistakes. Replace the tip if necessary with the replacement tips inside the pen. Replacement tips can be cleaned using Non Acetone Polish Remover. TIP: Before first use, slightly dampen the pen with Non Acetone Polish Remover.



non acetone polish remover

This efficient remover will remove Nail Polish and LongWear in a mild way. The formula does not contain acetone so the nails don’t get dehydrated or damaged. The 100ml packaging has a safe and simple closing cap and is ideal to sell to your customers.


FAST REMOVAL : For an efficient and fast removal of Nail Polish or LongWear.



NON ACETONE: There is no acetone in this remover.



SOFT FORMULA :  A silky smooth formula which won’t dehydrate the nails.






Apply a few drops to a cotton ball. Leave the cotton ball on the nail for a few seconds, afterwards gently remove the Nail Polish or LongWear.